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Aug 06

We all love a change, a break from the norm, something different or so we think…

Today I was doing something different and I’ve got to be honest it was brilliant,( another one of Jules suggestions hmm lol ) the day was spent learning about marketing and social media, only just scratching the surface Andrew the guru would say. 

It was brilliant, empowering and thought provoking, yet on my way home while talking to Jules I heard myself saying how tired I was from sitting on my ass all day and on getting home being relieved, then falling back into work training two clients via zoom.

This got me thinking why do we yearn for something different yet resist or rebel against. My clients tonight got another new routine as I do with all clients, as I focus on the individual I also realise change creates adaptations, relieves boredom and increase certain chemicals that enhance enjoyment.. 

So why do so many people and trainers prescribe the same exercises daily, monthly intact yearly? So ( I’ve said that maybe too many times) the next time you go training try something different you might just enjoy it ? 


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