THE obstacle is the way

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Aug 04

The obstacle is the way

I never imagined that one of my favourite books would be the title of a blog I wrote ( awesome author Ryan holiday)

It’s on the cusp of midnight on Saturday as It folds into a new day and maybe from the outside it may look like the gods were not on our side. There has been heated discussions ( underestimated), technical problems as well as the unexpected human element, and that was only 90 minuets ago lol.

To be honest when in the past even just one of these things might of stopped me, never mind all that I’ve mentioned and more would of crushed me…… well today myself and my best friend ( pain in the ass) without question, without realising worked through, over and past our obstacles ( some we are still working on).
I think what the message is behind this last letter is when god gives you lemons, make lemonade……

Night all

Thank you Jules x


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