The Labels that almost killed Me….

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Aug 02

I’ve been in this business over twenty-five now and find myself coming up against a story that I’ve told from when I was a young boy, round about 6. I missed a lot of school when I  was younger, I mean a lot, mainly down to Illness or accidents and nothing to do with not liking school it was fun as far I remember, possibly for the wrong reasons ( but that’s a different Blog).

However when I started studying Sports Science the story that id be telling myself and holding me back emerged again, however this time it was compounded and verified by the support structure where I was studying. I was dyslexic, not thick as id been told of lazy, my ability or lack to read or write had a scientific reason, ha I was vindicated or so I thought, however, It only made the stories worse and stronger.

Now I had an excuse to hide to avoid to fortify my fears, I looked for elaborate ways to avoid reading, writing, taking courses and exams. I used audio books bought Dragon and carried on hiding. Well until TODAY, today I face my fears a switch was flipped ( after another short garbled chat with Jules about social media).

So my apologies for my grammar my spelling and whatever is not to standard, however, these post will be true and honest, looking at past, future and present in no order what so ever……

I leave you with one question, what story do you tell yourself that holds you back…..


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