The Internal Critic

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Aug 03

The internal critic

Its funny or perhaps more like frustrating how often that inner voice materialises, unfortunately, the voice, for the most part, seems to be critical rather than motivational or congratulatory. Today for some ( my own perspective) and maybe yourself, that voice kept on pushing maybe say “ go on more” or you can do better than that” or that was crap I might as well give up”.

When did that voice say or more like when did you really listen to  hear the voice say “ wow that was awesome” what an achievement, well done” or even “ yeah I did it”  when did you run to the top of the steps and jump up and down and hear the rocky theme as you punched the air…..

Today I read something new a very old something new that prompted this Letter to myself and whoever may be interested.

“What progress, you ask, have I made? I have begun to be a friend to myself.”

Seneca, quoting Epistulae

So whatever you do today, try to be your friend.


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Dave August 3, 2018

Great share Papa G

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