Everyone needs a rest day

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Aug 06

Everyone need a rest day

You may hear myself or Jules talking about listening to your body,while exercising or just changing a habit like eating.
I was told a story this week by one of my neighbours, it was about a world champion a man called Dorian Yates. Dorian was being interviewed and talked about his training and recovery, the interviewer was amazed be how little Dorian trained and how much he rested.
Dorian replied with a beautiful analogy, imagine you held your arm out bare took some sand paper and rubbed it over your arm. You’re skin would be damaged, then you repeat it day in and day out leaving no time for your arm and skin to recover or regrow. This is what overtraining and under nourishing is like for your body.

I love this simple explanation, so listen to your body treat it well with compassion as Jules would say as you would treat your best friend….


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