“Loss 14lbs in 4 weeks” Online Coaching

Hi everyone and thank you for reading about our #14in4 weight loss and fitness program.
This program is for you if:
You either looking to lose at least a stone in weight or less if you wish to increase fitness.
You have tried and are fed up with fad diets, only to lose some weight then put even more on
You like the fact that you do not need to leave your home to have a personalised workout.
You like the fact you can have an efficient workout in 30 minutes.
You like not having to use lots of equipment.
You are fed up with feeling sluggish and want to feel, look better with more energy.
You like the idea of variety in your program all targeted to help your weight loss.
You want to feel fitter, be stronger and look leaner.
You like ongoing emotional support to help you reach your goals.
You know it is time to change your mind set and lose the weight for good?
You are committed to your health and your fitness.

Ok so how does it work?
Great question, we provide you with tailored support, this is to include three exercise sessions a week, a clean eating food plan, that is easy to prepare and follow. We her here with online mind set and motivation support to help you reach your goal and are able to move forward in life with a clearer view.
As the challenge is individually tailored to your health and needs, not mass group sessions it is suitable for most adults. We will require you to get your doctors permission to join the program if you have any complex medical issues.
Does it actually work?
Oh yes, everyone who has joined and followed the program has lost between 12 and 20lb and finished the program much fitter with a clearer understanding of food and their relationship with it.
So how much is this all going to cost?
All this for only £160
Real people, just like you, real results, are you ready to be next?
Comment below, or message myself or Julie Brown for more details and take the first step towards your goal today.
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As the world embraces new technologies and with more and more people communicating with each other online, why not use a service from the comfort of your own home that could change your life and the way you see the world forever.

How does it work?

By using Zoom – a free and easy to use Voice Over IP (VOIP) programme that allows for free internet calls over the computer.

For those unfamiliar with Zoom – please see their official website here: https://www.zoom.us

Advantages of using Zoom Online Coaching

  • you can enjoy your  session in the comfort of your own home
  • no travel required
  • you can choose to start Training no matter where your based
  • you can enjoy your online  session as if you were face to face with me thanks to the WebCam feature in zoom

Next Steps:

1. Send an email to info@grahamturnercoaching.co.uk with your zoom login name and I will reply with a questionnaire on the contact page that I will ask you to send me back.

2. Email me with the days/times that you are available for your session. Try to provide a couple of options so that we can plan a time that works for us both.

3. It is required that all sessions are booked in advance and paid via Paypal. In the event of cancellation, I require 24 hour’s notice, failure of which no refund can be issued.

4. Enjoy your very own  Online  session!

Getting connected to zoom

Starting your zoom Online session has never been easier! The very first thing to do is to check that you have the required hardware equipment:

1. A fast Internet connection (DSL, Broadband)
2. A headset or a microphone/speakers
3. A webcam (optional)

It is now time to download the software

4. Download and install Skype: http://www.zoom

You can then create and log on to your new zoom account

5. Create your zoom user account:

6. Sign in to your  user account

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