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Aug 14

What is the difference that makes the difference

By graham turner | Uncategorized

For myself and what I notice in others it is the Doing rather than not doing, acting rather than thinking.

This might seem very simple and true or maybe the opposite, however is it important to look and find the catalyst the divides and switches one to the other. Would it be useful to scrutinise how in the past a not doing turned into a doing.

Or possibly if you are at this moment in the thinking, how you can move from that state of stillness to movement?

So I ask you what will the difference that makes the difference for you to achieve your health, fitness or weight loss goals 

( In truth I did both today, just on balance a little more doing than not).AF79A4D2-BB2B-4714-A840-09DB9AF6A7A2

Aug 06

Try something new

By graham turner | Uncategorized

We all love a change, a break from the norm, something different or so we think…

Today I was doing something different and I’ve got to be honest it was brilliant,( another one of Jules suggestions hmm lol ) the day was spent learning about marketing and social media, only just scratching the surface Andrew the guru would say. 

It was brilliant, empowering and thought provoking, yet on my way home while talking to Jules I heard myself saying how tired I was from sitting on my ass all day and on getting home being relieved, then falling back into work training two clients via zoom.

This got me thinking why do we yearn for something different yet resist or rebel against. My clients tonight got another new routine as I do with all clients, as I focus on the individual I also realise change creates adaptations, relieves boredom and increase certain chemicals that enhance enjoyment.. 

So why do so many people and trainers prescribe the same exercises daily, monthly intact yearly? So ( I’ve said that maybe too many times) the next time you go training try something different you might just enjoy it ? 

Aug 06

Everyone needs a rest day

By graham turner | Uncategorized

Everyone need a rest day

You may hear myself or Jules talking about listening to your body,while exercising or just changing a habit like eating.
I was told a story this week by one of my neighbours, it was about a world champion a man called Dorian Yates. Dorian was being interviewed and talked about his training and recovery, the interviewer was amazed be how little Dorian trained and how much he rested.
Dorian replied with a beautiful analogy, imagine you held your arm out bare took some sand paper and rubbed it over your arm. You’re skin would be damaged, then you repeat it day in and day out leaving no time for your arm and skin to recover or regrow. This is what overtraining and under nourishing is like for your body.

I love this simple explanation, so listen to your body treat it well with compassion as Jules would say as you would treat your best friend….

Aug 04

THE obstacle is the way

By graham turner | Uncategorized

The obstacle is the way

I never imagined that one of my favourite books would be the title of a blog I wrote ( awesome author Ryan holiday)

It’s on the cusp of midnight on Saturday as It folds into a new day and maybe from the outside it may look like the gods were not on our side. There has been heated discussions ( underestimated), technical problems as well as the unexpected human element, and that was only 90 minuets ago lol.

To be honest when in the past even just one of these things might of stopped me, never mind all that I’ve mentioned and more would of crushed me…… well today myself and my best friend ( pain in the ass) without question, without realising worked through, over and past our obstacles ( some we are still working on).
I think what the message is behind this last letter is when god gives you lemons, make lemonade……

Night all

Thank you Jules x

Aug 03

The Internal Critic

By graham turner | Uncategorized

The internal critic

Its funny or perhaps more like frustrating how often that inner voice materialises, unfortunately, the voice, for the most part, seems to be critical rather than motivational or congratulatory. Today for some ( my own perspective) and maybe yourself, that voice kept on pushing maybe say “ go on more” or you can do better than that” or that was crap I might as well give up”.

When did that voice say or more like when did you really listen to  hear the voice say “ wow that was awesome” what an achievement, well done” or even “ yeah I did it”  when did you run to the top of the steps and jump up and down and hear the rocky theme as you punched the air…..

Today I read something new a very old something new that prompted this Letter to myself and whoever may be interested.

“What progress, you ask, have I made? I have begun to be a friend to myself.”

Seneca, quoting Epistulae

So whatever you do today, try to be your friend.

Aug 02

The Labels that almost killed Me….

By graham turner | Uncategorized

I’ve been in this business over twenty-five now and find myself coming up against a story that I’ve told from when I was a young boy, round about 6. I missed a lot of school when I  was younger, I mean a lot, mainly down to Illness or accidents and nothing to do with not liking school it was fun as far I remember, possibly for the wrong reasons ( but that’s a different Blog).

However when I started studying Sports Science the story that id be telling myself and holding me back emerged again, however this time it was compounded and verified by the support structure where I was studying. I was dyslexic, not thick as id been told of lazy, my ability or lack to read or write had a scientific reason, ha I was vindicated or so I thought, however, It only made the stories worse and stronger.

Now I had an excuse to hide to avoid to fortify my fears, I looked for elaborate ways to avoid reading, writing, taking courses and exams. I used audio books bought Dragon and carried on hiding. Well until TODAY, today I face my fears a switch was flipped ( after another short garbled chat with Jules about social media).

So my apologies for my grammar my spelling and whatever is not to standard, however, these post will be true and honest, looking at past, future and present in no order what so ever……

I leave you with one question, what story do you tell yourself that holds you back…..

Mar 21


By graham turner | Uncategorized

Hi everyone and thank you for reading about our #14in4 weight loss and fitness program.
This program is for you if:
You either looking to lose at least a stone in weight or less if you wish to increase fitness.
You have tried and are fed up with fad diets, only to lose some weight then put even more on
You like the fact that you do not need to leave your home to have a personalised workout.
You like the fact you can have an efficient workout in 30 minutes.
You like not having to use lots of equipment.
You are fed up with feeling sluggish and want to feel, look better with more energy.
You like the idea of variety in your program all targeted to help your weight loss.
You want to feel fitter, be stronger and look leaner.
You like ongoing emotional support to help you reach your goals.
You know it is time to change your mind set and lose the weight for good?
You are committed to your health and your fitness.

Ok so how does it work?
Great question, we provide you with tailored support, this is to include three exercise sessions a week, a clean eating food plan, that is easy to prepare and follow. We her here with online mind set and motivation support to help you reach your goal and are able to move forward in life with a clearer view.
As the challenge is individually tailored to your health and needs, not mass group sessions it is suitable for most adults. We will require you to get your doctors permission to join the program if you have any complex medical issues.
Does it actually work?
Oh yes, everyone who has joined and followed the program has lost between 12 and 20lb and finished the program much fitter with a clearer understanding of food and their relationship with it.
So how much is this all going to cost?
All this for only £160
Real people, just like you, real results, are you ready to be next?
Comment below, or message myself or Julie Brown for more details and take the first step towards your goal today.
Please feel free to tag friends or share this post7BEF0670-310C-40D0-9955-62E8658A2B1B

Mar 14

Live life

By graham turner | Uncategorized

On days like this I realise how lucky I am. I’ve just listened to dr Steven Hawking saying his life started when he realised he had motor neurones. How many of us complain about life’s setbacks, instead of using them for greatness……

Have a great day and please embrace life..B21A91A0-4E3E-46C7-85C3-288FFCD9672A

Mar 11

Two simple rules

By graham turner | Uncategorized

It seems whenever you talk about weight loss to someone they think about restriction and Being deprived of food and Calories

When following a healthy eating plan eating regular meals is essential.

1 Keep your blood sugar level stable instead of peaking and crashing, Which in turn can lead to overeating and low energy.

2 regular meals will actually speed up and encourage your metabolism by challenging it to keep processing the calories rather than storing them.

If you’d like more information contact myself or Julie Brown


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