Mar 11


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Are you looking to lose at least a stone?
Have you tried fad diets, only to lose some weight then put even more on?
Is it time to change your mind set and lose the weight for good?

The lose a stone in a month challenge.
We will provide tailored support, to include three exercise sessions a week, a clean eating food plan,
online support, mind set and motivation support to help you reach your goal and are able to move
forward in life with a clearer view.

As the challenge is individually tailored to your health and needs, not mass group sessions it is suitable for
all adults. No matter, your age, your fitness level, your physical condition. People from all walks of life have
successfully lost weight in the previous challenges.

Distance need not be an issue either, the power of the internet has seen those who have done online fitness
sessions and completed the plan lose their weight just as easily.

All for just £160

Real people, just like you, real results, are you ready to be next?




Feb 10


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Hi all some great news Julie Brown and myself will be presenting ,at spring change camp, about how to bring out the SPARK in children with parental help


We will be using the program to understand the thought cycle, to differentiate between thought and thinking, We will demonstrate how the way we think creates our perceptions and in turn our experience and show ways to identify the different types of thinking we have. We’ll be using SPARK to make the link between our thoughts and decision-making so we can identify the connections between decisions and our life circumstances. We will be examining how the state of mind influences our judgement and reasoning, by demonstrating how state of mind influences decisions We will be examining different moods by defining and identifying the various mood characteristics and learning how thinking and our moods are directly connected. We will be teaching how to find success in whatever we are doing whilst in the midst of stress, by defining and identifying stress – linking the thinking and stress, demonstrating our personal power over stress and examining the healthy and unhealthy ways to deal with stress. The program will show how to define and identify fear and insecurity at the core of negative emotions and behaviours. Understanding that self-esteem is a natural state created from the SPARK inside of all of us as well as understanding the difference between self esteem and self image. We will explore separate realities, we will be demonstrating that acceptance of different thoughts about the same solutions can be found, when we understand that separate reality exists between all people ,by defining and identifying various different types of separate realities. We will be discussing academic success, identifying how thoughts can create boundaries in academic success, holding back our motivation and learning. Creating understanding that challenges and learning increase knowledge, and excepting the possibilities and potential are infinite. With parental support we will encourage parents to understand the power of connecting with their children to be able to identify the SPARK in themselves and their children. We will give them the ability to guide the children to see the SPARK and to be able to use that to help connect with children more affectively. Once the light has been seen it will never be hidden. The understanding of our thoughts and the actions and reactions that can come from them and with them can go from hugely hindering to hugely beneficial. Hope to see you there At spring change camp

Pm for more info

Jun 17

Jill’s Diary

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Week 3


So I have just obtained 2 new cook books to further inspire myself.

The New English Kitchen by Rose Prince,

“how to make your meals go further, revealing practical ways to make the highest quality food fit inside a tight budget”  and

Itsu the Cookbook

“100 low calorie, eat beautiful, recipes for health and happiness”!!!

We are enjoying experimenting with different types and styles of cooking and eating.

Taking much more notice of where our food is sourced from, and making several meals out of one lot of ingredients.

I have had a couple of times when I needed to remind myself about what I am eating and reminding myself to eat slowly. (When I have nearly finished a meal), so maybe it’s a good time to arrange another appointment with Graham?

I have just seen my neighbour, who says my face looks thinner –possibly a good sign?.

Let’s hope it moves from just the face quite soon!

Anyway as some wise person said “With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come”

We went out for a ‘tasting menu’ meal- fantastic. Lots of tiny portions, and the most amazing flavours.

Now is that the hypnosis, or eating more slowly? Perhaps both. A great way to eat small amounts and feel very satisfied.

Just had a great weekend with friends staying, lots of meals eating in and out. Luckily I was doing the driving.  So now I must get weighed at Graham’s this week, and get back on track.

Jun 01

Jill’s Dairy

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Jill’s Diary Week 2

I am already, for another session, but Graham thinks I don’t need it yet. That I take to be positive.

This week my relationship with food,(and anything going into my mouth) has changed:

I am a nail biter but no biting this week!

I am much more aware and respectful of food and alcohol etc.

For example usually if I was peckish in the evening and went to eat chocolate I would eat at least half a bar and maybe the whole bar. Now just a taste (half a square) is enough. (and I only had chocolate once this week)

I am eating and savouring every mouthful of food, so I have really slowed down my eating.

Often I would eat just to be polite and always clean the plate. Now I am asking for a small portion and if give too much I just leave it. (Without a guilty conscience)

Cleaning the plate I positively avoid and try to leave just one small thing at each meal.

I am enjoying the taste and texture of food much more, so I need much less of it. Slowing down, really helps me to enjoy it more.

One day I did eat for politeness, I was very aware that I was doing this, felt horribly full afterwards.

Several people have noticed that I look different (Slimmer, better posture more alert)

All good so far then, and no more appointments till next week

Weight down 5 pounds, inches down 4. That is good!hgb1393406232

May 31

The End of a weekend Or the beginning of a week

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No matter how long i do this for it always amazes me, on how many people want the magic pill. Rather than putting some work in and realizing the value. of not only there goal /objective or themselves  It reminds me of a time when i was seeking for clarification, or even just the answer to a problem i had .Working along side a good friend , i had an eureka moment, and found that clarity i was seeking for. My friend just smiled, they had known this all along. After some discussion, there response was simple what would i learn from being given the answer…..

May 28

New Day New Begining

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Its the first day of my new website, all very exciting stuff, i hope you find my blog fun , informative. useful and thought provoking ..Its going to be a bit of a journey i hope you enjoy it as i introduce youto myself, my puppy Phoebe and our world


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