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Hi, my name is Graham Turner, I help people deal with both physical and thought based issues. Based in the Hexham, Corbridge, Stocksfield and Tyne Valley area, with a Newcastle and wider North East client base, as well as holding online coaching sessions throughout Europe and the USA. I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist , NLP Practitioner, 3 Principles mentor and Body Conditioning coach, Rehabilitation specialist  with over 20 years of experience in helping people to improve their physical fitness, mental wellbeing and overall quality of life.


Let me ask you some simple questions, and if the answer to any is yes, they may lead onto further ones …..
Are you happy with your life , yet not knowing why are what is is your unhappy about?

Are you unhappy with your life ? are you not quite sure why you are not as happy as you feel you could be ?

Do you have fears ,anxieties and phobias, that feel so real there effecting your life?

Do you have fears, anxieties or phobias that impact on you and stop you living your life ?

Have you goals you want to achieve ? habits you want to stop ? does your internal voice hold you back ?

Are you unhappy with your overall fitness?

Do you have chronic physical pain?

Are you recovering from an injury or surgery?


Throughout my life , I would like to say that i have striven to constantly update my professional training as well as my own personal growth and found it easy, but no I have not. I have struggled with my own issues and doubts, and I understood how difficult it can be to address these questions. Combined with the experience I have gained this has all allowed me to craft my own individual style and I have found this to be very effective in helping to facilitate long-lasting and meaningful changes when working with the problems that people can struggle with.

The first thing to realise  is what I offer, is more about education and showing that you have what is required already inside, to make the changes that you want and possibly never believed were ever attainable.
As people, we are not one size fits all, with this in mind I deal with the person not the problem. Putting the Humanity back into our lives. 

If there’s one thing I’m sure about, its that we never stop learning. In some cases the lessons are hard and painful, however, as long as we get up after the fall, and accept the reason for why we fell, then we learn and can move forward. Even if is just one small step at a time…